Frequently Asked Questions

When is music most appropriate during the wedding ceremony?
Prelude                    15-30 minutes  before  the  ceremony,  as  guests  arrive  and  as  parents  are  seated.
Processional          Entrance of the wedding party and the bride
Interludes               Music during during the ceremony; such as between readings, candle lighting.
Recessional            Exit of the wedding party, followed by the guests

Will the musicians play outdoors?
Yes. The musicians and their instruments must be protected from direct sun and temperature extremes. Playing time is limited at temperatures below 65 degrees F. In such conditions, guests will not want to sit outside very long either, so it is wise to plan an inside gathering place before the ceremony begins. We can play prelude music there, then move outside for the ceremony

Can the ensemble accompany a singer or another musician?
Yes, we have vocal soloists we regularly engage.  We can also accompany our clients or their friends when they perform for their guests.  A rehearsal about ½ hour before we begin will ensure the best possible performance

How do I choose the musical selections?
By  consulting  with  you,  we  can  tailor  the  music   to  fit your  musical  needs. There are several musical samples, as well as a link to a complete demo recording elsewhere on this web site. We can also arrange and perform music that is special to you.

What type of equipment and set up is required?
We will need an armless chair for each musician. Of course, a power outlet will be required for musicians playing electric instruments or using amplification.

My venue requires that vendors carry liability insurance. Are you insured?
We maintain a $2,000,000 Commercial General Liability Policy for ourselves, as well as Business Owners Property Coverage for the venue at which we play. If your vendor does not have a certificate of coverage from us, we can easily provide one through our insurance agent.

How do I reserve the date?
After determining your needs, we will email a contract for your signature. We require a deposit of 50%, payable by check, with your returned contract.