Continuo Music, LLC serves Connecticut and the Greater New York areas.  For over two decades we have been presenting the finest musical entertainment. Our  director,  Barbara Wyton, has  worked  with  thousands  of  clients tailoring classical  and  popular live  music  to fit  their  entertainment and ceremony plans.

Flute and Guitar
Flute, Guitar and Bass
String Quartet
Flute and String Trio
Flute, Violin and Cello
Two Flutes and Cello
Flute, Oboe and Bassoon
Flute and Harp
Violin and Guitar
Woodwind Quintet
Brass Quintet


Jazz and Pop

Vocalist, sax, piano, bass, & drums
Sax, Piano, Bass & Drums
Piano, Bass and Drums
Flute, Guitar and Bass
Guitar and Bass
Piano and Bass
Dixieland Trio

Classical ensembles by Continuo  Music, LLC lend an elegant touch to any function. Discriminating hosts have used our musicians to enhance wedding ceremonies and receptions, private parties and corporate  events.

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"Your  musicians provided  such  lovely  and  sensitive music  for  our  wedding  ceremony- 
we  could  not  have  been  more  delighted!"  -Mary C.


With repertoire ranging from jazz standards to popular favorites, we can provide the perfect band for your dance or background music. Popular combos include five and six piece traditional wedding bands, jazz trios and quartets (vocal or instrumental) and a number of superb duos including flute and guitar or piano and string bass.

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"The  [music at the ] ceremony  was  beautiful and 
the  jazz  band received  many  compliments  from  our  friends" -Mino and Kevin

  Classical                                      Jazz



Excerpts: Fanfare (Theme - Masterpiece Theatre) by Jean-Joseph Mouret Arioso BWV156 by Johann Sebastian Bach Trumpet Tune by Jeremiah Clarke Vou Vivendo (Chôro) by Pixinguinha/Lacerdo Allegro, Sonata Op. 5, N0. 3 by Archangelo Corelli Barbara Wyton - Flutist James Baird - Guitarist, Arranger

Greensleeves is a anonymous English ballad, written over a traditional ground bass, the passamezzo antico*. During the time of Queen Elizabeth, many English Renaissance composers wrote treatments of this famous melody and it appears in various historical manuscripts of that era. The two variations included in this version were composed and performed by James Baird.

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