The versatile guitar for weddings.


For musical versatility, the guitar presents many options, both as a solo instrument or playing with others. In addition to a vast traditional repertoire, guitarists have a wealth of music transcribed for their instrument. For those interested in a more popular musical style, Continuo Music can provide guitarists fluent in Latin  American, Blues, Rock, Gospel, Ragtime and  Reggae. Adding the  bass  to  the  flute  and  guitar  is  a  versatile  trio which  can play  classical  music for  the  ceremony, and  cross  over  to  jazz  standards for  the  cocktail  hour.  Musical examples can be heard at   

In a wedding ceremony, your  guests  will first be  serenaded with your choice of beautiful music during  the  prelude. The procession might be an arrangement of a traditional trumpet tune.  During the ceremony, a favorite song (popular or religious) might be played between readings. At the ceremony's end, a joyous tune, traditional or contemporary can escort the wedding party and guests to the day’s next event. 

For greater expressiveness, a popular option with guitar is to add a solo instrument. Flute  and  guitar is a particularly attractive, and our most frequently requested, duo.

Amplification is available, and sometimes  necessary,  especially  if  the  ceremony  is  outdoors 

Continuo Music has provided live music for weddings  and other events for many  years. In addition to our web site, more Flute and Guitar selections can be heard at