Continuo Music offers ensembles for every occasion. We recommend one of our trios for a rich sampling of music by such diverse composers as Pachelbel, Haydn and Joplin. A trio typically consists of a flute, violin and cello. String trios and quartets are also available. In addition to these traditional chamber groups, Continuo's trio of flute, guitar and bass has proven immensely popular. The flute, guitar and bass trio plays from both the classical and standard jazz literature, and is a fine choice for weddings, receptions and private parties.


"The  music  was  beautiful.  The  Continuo  Trio made  the wedding as  wonderful  as  we  hoped" -Carole


Chamber Ensembles
Flute and Guitar
Flute, Guitar and Bass
String Quartet
Flute and String Trio
Flute, Violin and Cello
Two Flutes and Cello
Flute, Oboe and Bassoon
Flute and Harp
Violin and Guitar
Woodwind Quintet
Brass Quintet

Jazz and Popular Ensembles
Sax, Piano, Bass & Drums
Vocalist, piano, bass, sax & drums
Piano, Bass and Drums
Flute, Guitar and Bass
Guitar and Bass
Piano and Bass
Dixieland Trio

Soloist Instruments

Classical Guitar

Jazz and Popular
Soloist Instruments


Continuo Trio

Continuo Trio